Water fountains

Water Fountains & Dispensers

Fresh Yorkshire Spring Water

Here at Solutions 4 Clean we can provide your premises with a vast range of water coolers in either standard or executive finishes. We can also organise deliveries of fresh spring water and cups to your property. All our water is sourced from the foothills of North Yorkshire.

There are no ties or contract obligations.

Our free standing water fountain is the perfect option to allow access to fresh cool water for you employees. We can situate the bottle stand next to the cooler to make changing the water bottles swift and effortless. All of our models are fitted with both hot and cold taps meaning that tea or coffee can be made easily as well. Our executive models even come with options of the water temperatures and finished with a smart silver finish.

Both models use the industry standard 18.9 litre bottles and also use a normal 13 amp power supply. The main benefit is that these machines do not require any plumbing, so can be situated almost anywhere in your property.

Professional Water Coolers

Providing a cold or hot refreshment to clients is a great first impression to anyone entering your premises. It creates a sense of welcoming to your company and creates a pleasant experience for all.

Our machines are perfect for doctor’s surgeries and other medical professions as there can be a waiting time for your clients.

Having a water cooler in an reception area will also be beneficial, waiting clients and candidates waiting to be interviewed will more than appreciate a cold beverage and help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Keep Staff Hydrated During Meetings

Meeting rooms or boardrooms are also a great area to situate one of our water coolers, with our executive model being an ideal choice as its silver finish give it a more stylish and professional feel. Having the ability to offer water to your staff during meetings, clients or interviewees will make sure that everyone is relaxed and hydrated without having to break every so often for drinks. Meaning that productivity will not be stifled and meetings can run more naturally and smoothly.

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