Wrapping presents at Christmas

Solutions to wrapping presents


The festive holidays is upon us once again, and one of the most time consuming and frustrating activities in the season of good will is wrapping presents. If you are working right up to Christmas, or you are not as skilled as Father Christmas’s elves, don’t worry! Here are some expert tips on how to wrap your Christmas presents for your beloved ones from Solutions 4 Cleaning.



  1. Wrap presents on a hard surface – Although sitting on the carpet and wrapping gifts seems like a nice idea, it is harder to keep crisp folds on a soft surface. Therefore clean that work desk or kitchen table and use that instead.


  1. Colour code presents for family members – While wrapping presents, try to colour code the gifts, that way on the big day there will be a lot less confusion. You could also use a certain type of wrapping paper i.e. a Christmas tree design for little Jacob, and a holly designed wrapping paper for Jasmine.


  1. Place odd shaped items into boxes – This makes the overall present wrapping process a lot easier. It also creates an element of surprise for the gift receiver. If the item is rather delicate make sure to put some bubble wrap or tissue paper in the container so it does not become damaged.


  1. Remove the price tag from the item and wrap the gift upside down – Simple,  but sometimes these ideas are forgotten about in all the frantic present wrapping.


  1. Cutting the paper to fit your gift – One of the most common present wrapping mistakes is cutting off too much wrapping paper. Try to cut off only what you need and avoid excess wrapping paper.


  1. Be creative – Running out of wrapping paper or ribbons? Do not worry! Be a little creative with what you use. Putting a little thought into how you are wrapping the gift can make the present even more personal and special.


Here are some examples of some creative ideas that can make that thoughtful gift just that little bit more special. Such as making a word search wrapping paper.


Wordsearch paper

(via wordlessdesign.com)


Or creating your own wrapping paper using stencils.


Homemade wrapping

(via handmadecharlotte.com)

From everyone at Solutions 4 Cleaning we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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