Sheffield Support Dogs ceremony

Solutions 4 Cleaning Sponsor Support Dogs Graduations and Awards

This year’s support Dogs Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016 took place on 20th November at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Holiday Inn Sheffield.

Attendees including the Earl & Countess of Scarborough, The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, The High Sheriff of South Yorkshire & The High Sheriff of Derbyshire joined over 200 over guests to celebrate the graduation of this year’s new support dog partnerships and to recognise the wonderful efforts of the charity’s volunteers and supporters who have made this possible.

Support dogs take 2 years to train at a cost of £20,000 each, they are used to assist people with Autism and various disabilities, even capable of giving a person up to 50 minutes warning that they are going to have a fit or seizure, and can load and unload the washing machine!!

We were thrilled to all be joined by Paralympic 2016 Gold Medal cyclist Megan Giglia, who shared her story of overcoming a brain haemorrhage that resulted in the left side of her body being severely handicapped, as well as overcoming a broken back in 3 places during training just 4 months before the Olympics. Despite being told she would not compete, she managed to beat her personal best by an amazing 16 seconds to bring home the gold. A true inspiration.

Chairman of Solutions 4 Cleaning, Kevin Kerley said “we are very proud to be sponsoring this hugely worthwhile cause, these amazing dogs transform the lives of the recipients by assisting them in their everyday life. The ceremony included a demonstration of just how capable these animals are, and it was truly touching to see how dedicated and loyal these animals are to their owners”.

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