‘Robin Hood’ of Sheffield chucked handfuls of £20 notes to people as he rode past bus stop

Bus waiting at the bus stop on Lowedges Road

Lucky pedestrians were left scrambling across a Sheffield street yesterday after a man on a motorbike threw ‘handfuls of £20 notes’ as he rode past.

Unassuming locals made their way around Lowedges Road yesterday morning before noticing a man making his way down the road on a motorbike.

But, eyewitnesses were left shocked when the man then began chucking handfuls of £20 notes out onto the street.

Pedestrians scrambled around the street picking up the money with eye-witnesses reporting that more than £600 was chucked onto the road.

One woman said: “My friend was catching the bus at the Lowedges terminus when a man rode down from the fire station end.

“Then, as he reached the shops, he started throwing handfuls of £20 notes as he drove past.

“The little cafe at the side of the shops said he threw about £500 to £600 pounds to people stood at the bus stop.

“The council worker who was cleaning the road ended up with about £200 with the rest of the people scattered around picking up the rest.

“But the guy on the motorbike never stopped or even looked back. Robin Hood or insane who knows?”

“Weird things happen on Lowedges but I’ve lived here all my life never heard of this happening.”