Removing Grass Stains

The sun is out and so it’s time to go out and see the great outdoors. One of the issues with that is the dreaded grass stain. The main reason why grass stains are so hard to remove is because it is essentially a dye stain. Grass stains are a mixture of protein and other organic matter all watered down with the grasses’ juices. On top of that there will be some other elements in there as well, such as mud and other natural items you find in the wild. But do not worry! Solutions 4 Cleaning has the answer for your grassy clothes.

The first way to remove a grass stain is using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a solvent and very good at removing the green pigments from the item of clothing.

Firstly take a sponge and wet the grass stain with the rubbing alcohol once this has been done allow the item to air dry. After it has dried rinse the stain with cold water and work some liquid detergent into the stained area, let it air dry again.

Another technique is to try to tackle the grass stain in white vinegar (You may need rubbing alcohol as well if the grass stain is very stubborn).

Firstly soak the stained zone with white vinegar. Leave the item to soak to allow the vinegar to react and then rinse it out with cold water. If the stain has not disappeared yet, dab the stained area with a cloth that has been soaked slightly in rubbing alcohol and rinse with cold water again. Once it has dried, wash again with soap and rinse again with cold water. This should remove the stain on white cotton, rub the grass stain with a cloth soaked with lemon juice, then rinse with cold water. On delicate fabrics, use water mixed with ammonia and rinse with cold water.

Stains are always easier to remove if they are tackled as quickly as possible as you do not allow the stain to set into the clothing item.

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