Removing chocolate stains

If there is one thing in the world that everybody loves it’s chocolate! Especially around Christmas time, chocolate stains can be a real nightmare to remove from clothes and fabrics. This is down to the fact that chocolate has a very low melting temperature and been made up from milk and cocoa it can be a nasty stain. Have no fear though. Below are some ways to remove those pesky chocolate stains that are a parent’s worst nightmare around this time of year.


Removing chocolate stains from washable fabrics and clothes


  • Gently wipe as much of the excess chocolate off the fabric as you can. You must take care to not push the stain further into the fabric. If the chocolate stain is hard, use a blunt knife or spoon off the chocolate.


  • Flush out as much as you  can of the stain using cold running water.


  • Soak in a solution of detergent and water for at least 30 minutes, after this wash the item as usual.


Removing chocolate stains from carpets or furniture


  • Firstly act as quickly as possible to stop any excess chocolate stain, it is easier to clean if the area affected is smaller.


  • Blot the chocolate stain with a wet sponge and a few drops of washing up liquid. You must make sure not to flood the stain and keep the area damp. Continue to dab the stain until the stain has been removed.


  • Sponge the area affected with clean water and then dab dry the area with a clean towel.


Some things to consider as well before tackling the stain is to check the label of the item that is stained.  Some clothing might be too delicate for a strong rigorous detergent and a weaker solution would be more suitable.  Also the faster you react to the stain the easier it is to clean.


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