Refuse Cleaning Yorkshire

Refuse Disposal

Refuse Disposal Yorkshire

Solutions 4 Cleaning provides a complete commercial refuse collection service for the Yorkshire region. We offer a large variety of different sizes and types of wheelie containers or compact containers. Our containers can be used for all types of premises such as offices, hotels, schools or warehouses.

Recycling Services

We also provide a weekly or “one off” pick up services for all of your recyclable materials and recycle them on your behalf. Whether it is a large or small amount of recyclables that have to be move, we can modify our service to satisfy your needs.

Duty Of Care

Due to the legislation of Duty of Care it is a legal requirement that businesses are considerate when storing or removing refuse.  The law states that refuse must be stocked in a secure and safe way, so it does not pollute or harm the environment or the general public. Businesses that do not abide by this law can suffer a penalty of up to £5,000 pounds if found guilty.

The information below outlines the Duty of Care law and its requirements:

Secure And Safe Packaging

  • All waste must be stored in suitable containers so that waste cannot fall out, escape or be blown away.
  • Sufficient levels of security should be put and should be placed in area that protects against unapproved removal, or been removed by vandals, animals and thieves.

Licensed Waste Collection

It is the company’s obligation to insure that any organisation collecting their refuse has been fully licensed by the Environment Agency. This governing body monitors the companies who remove  waste, making sure they are transporting and disposing of it in a safe and clean manner to help protect the environment and the public.

Waste Transfer Note

The organisation who is wanting their waste removed must submit a written description of the waste that is to be moved to the company removing it. This is known as waste transfer note and most be signed by both companies who are participating in the waste transfer and removal.

Here at S4C we separate and condense a considerable amount of the waste we compile. This compressed waste can be re-used as an energy source for power stations, therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

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