The Queen is concerned with chewing gum, should you?

Chewing gumChewing Gum and Buckingham Palace



Recently on the official British Monarchy website there was an advert placed for a cleaner that must “arrange for the removal of chewing gum from Historic and State Apartments” and will spend four hours a day removing chewing gum from the premises.


Chewing gum is an issue not just for the Queen but for all premises that are in the public sphere. In London alone, 10 million pounds a year is spent on removing chewing gum from their streets. 96% of local authorities have a problem with chewing gum and of these 41% describe the issue as being a “major problem” (ENCAMS). Some councils find it such a large cause for concern that in 2013 Milton Keynes proposed a chewing gum ban similar to the one that is implemented in Singapore.


Chewing gum is a common sight on our streets, paths and pedestrian areas, leaving our paved areas looking dirty and grim. It can also be an issue for areas and facilities that the general public use on a regular basis such as schools, waiting rooms and public houses are to name a few.


Apart from the obvious eyesore it creates to your customers in your premises, it can damage clothes, shoes and belongings leaving the wrong impression as well as a bill at the end for the damaged goods.


Here at Solutions 4 Cleaning we have the technical know how and expertise’s to remove chewing gum in a fast, effective way that will leave no trace or damage to the furnishing the chewing gum had been placed on. Don’t let potential customers and clients come away from your building with anything less than with more than a satisfied feeling with the service you provide.


Solutions 4 Cleaning offers a premier Contract cleaning to the Sheffield City Region. If there is any other queries you have or need advice on your current cleaning situation, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 533 5888.

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