Winter cleaning

Prepare Your Office for Winter

Winter and Autumn not only brings low temperatures and unpredictable (wet) weather, but also the challenge of keeping your office environment clean, dry and safe for your employees and customers. Wet weather conditions have a significant effect on the increase of moisture and dirt that is brought indoors which can affect your company’s cleaning regime, potentially having an impact on people’s health. Whether it’s soil or damp or a common cold spreading through the office – there are some steps that can be taken in order to keep it clean and safe.

Clean And Dry Floors

Maintaining clean and dry floors is one of the biggest challenges over the Autumn and Winter seasons. Carpets and floors can easily get wet by soil, snow, water and salt or grit being brought inside on people’s shoes. Because of that, floors might require an increase in regular maintenance: more frequent vacuuming and moping would be the obvious option. However, an effective barrier matting system can significantly reduce the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into the building as well as help minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring. Contact our expert team to discuss your barrier matting needs that can assist with reducing the maintenance costs and improve the appearance of the internal flooring.

Clutter Free Desks and Other Areas

Ever changing winter weather goes hand in hand with common colds and coughs. Suddenly your office fills up with tissues, cough and flue medicine, and feels more like a germ breading ground than a healthy working environment. Simple things like removing clutter from your desk, regularly cleaning surfaces with antibacterial spray and washing your hands more frequently can make a significant difference. Also, make sure that the keyboards along with other PC parts and telephones are routinely cleaned as that can help prevent spreading the germs across the office.

Clean Windows

Windows tends to get forgotten during winter, however, they are an essential element to maintaining a clean office. It is important to make sure that your office windows are cleaned regularly so that sufficient sunlight can get through to keep the natural light levels high.

As simple as it sounds, keeping on top of your office cleaning routine during winter months can get a little bit too much. This time of the year it is worth getting a professional helping hand if you haven’t already. A cleaning company like Solutions 4 Cleaning, can assist you on a daily or weekly basis across the Sheffield and West Yorkshire region. Employing qualified and professional personnel to clean often-neglected areas can help dramatically reduce the spread of infections, and keep your office clean, tidy and presentable.

Solutions 4 Cleaning are a professional award winning Yorkshire based cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services. No cleaning jobs are too big or too small for us. We can assist you with barrier matting to meet the health and safety regulations and to keep your office clean and tidy, provide you with daily or weekly cleaning service, or make sure that your windows are sparkling clean. Contact us for more details a personalised quote or simply advice on maintaining the fabric of your building to its highest standard.

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