Is Sick Building Syndrome making your staff ill?

Sick Building Syndrome

Everyone gets sick at some point and it cannot be avoided. But what if there was a way to cut down the amount of sick days?

In a recent article in HRmagazine it was stated that sick days are costing UK employers £29 billion a year (according to research by the accountancy firm PwC). It also found that UK workers on average take 9.1 days off work annually, nearly double the amount workers in the US (4.9 days) and four times more than Asian-Pacific (2.2 days).

So why is this? One of the reasons that has been suggested is the rise of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).  According to the NHS this is a “poorly understood phenomenon” that has a range of symptoms ranging from headaches and dizziness to skin irritation. The full list of symptoms can be found here.

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Anyone in your workforce can be susceptible to SBS, as there are a range of symptoms that can affect someone not just on a physical level but also psychological one. It also does not seem to just be office based as well, as people have been affected in libraries, schools and museums.

Since the 1970’s scientists have been trying to identify what is the singular cause to SBS it seems to be a number of causes. These are:-

  • Poor ventilation of the workspace
  • Low humidity
  • High temperature or a dramatic change in temperature during the day
  • Airborne particles in the air such as dust or fibres
  • Poor standards of cleanliness in the working environment
  • Psychological factors can also be a cause of SBS, such as low team moral or high levels of stress.

As an employer it is critical to have a healthy functioning team during working hours, not just so that targets are met and succeeded; but also to make sure your staff are happy in their working environment.

One of the easiest ways to help stop SBS becoming an issue in your premises is to firstly to make sure that you have a clean working environment for your employees. Another is to check that cleaning materials are stored correctly and they are also been used correctly.

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