Office Cleaning and why it’s important

Office clean importanceYou don’t need a survey—though there are plenty of them out there—to tell you more germs are spread by office workers not washing their hands than by any other means. Most workers know how to cram 12 hours into 10, and between eating at their desks or in meetings, and arriving in a rush and leaving just the same, little things like washing hands on a regular basis—the recommended five times a day—escapes them. So, it’s up to your office cleaning company to come to their aid.

Any place where food touches a desk is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria that can cause the average worker to miss nine days of office time a year due to illness.

The first line of defence for these folks is an office cleaning business that knows the in’s and out’s of keeping a place germ and dust free. By the way, dust is also a key offender when it comes to spreading germs. Bacteria and viruses ride into the office on a cloud of dust, or on the bottom of someone’s wingtips or high heels.

The good news is, office contaminants are easy to tame by a professional office cleaning business. To remove food particles and dust from desks and office equipment, use a hand-held vacuum with a soft brush attachment to keep from scratching desktops and sensitive equipment. Then use a disinfectant wipe to thoroughly wipe down the phones—including the handset—the keyboard, and the buttons on the computer screen, then wipe down the desk itself. It’s important to note when dusting office equipment, never spray water or commercial dusting product directly on the equipment. Liquid can seep in through seams and damage delicate components inside. Spray cleaner only on the cloth.

As most everyone knows, computer screens double as magnets for dust and dirt. These screens also get grimy and covered with fingerprints. Different types of screens require different cleaning solutions, so ask your client to provide your office cleaning service with the manufacturer’s instructions so you can do your job appropriately. Unplug the monitor, then using a lint-free cloth, spray the cleaner on the cloth and clean in a circular motion. Follow by a polish with a soft, dry cloth.

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