Meet the Cleaners – John Douglas

Here at Solutions 4 Cleaning we know that the most important members of our team are the cleaners. They are who represent us on a day to day basis, who make our clients happy and provide the high level of service we adhere to.

Sadly a lot of the time cleaners are over looked and seen more as a “service” rather than people, so at Solutions 4 Cleaning we are celebrating our great cleaners by telling everyone a little bit about them.

John Douglas (Or Dougie as he likes to be called) was our last year’s winner of the employee of the Year.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Dougie, I am married to my lovely wife Julie who is a midwife. We have 4 children they are Jack (19), James (16), John (14) and Jessica (10). We live in Nottinghamshire in the lovely little village of Misterton.

How long have you worked for Solutions?

Nearly 4 years! Time has flown bye!

What is your favourite thing about been a cleaner?

The 7th of every month! (Payday), been serious I like the fact that if I do a great job, it can be seen and I get satisfaction out of making the client happy.

Why do you work for Solutions 4 Cleaning?

Fate originally! But they are a fantastic company to work for, They are very good at making employees feel valued and they reward hard work.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a retained firefighter for the local area, but I also enjoy a lot of other activities such as cycling with my children, walking, camping, visiting various public houses and socialising, train journeys, nature, plane spotting and generally helping in the community.

What is your best cleaning tip?

There are a lot of little tips but the best one by far is the use of elbow grease and having pride in your work!

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