It’s official: Yorkshire puddings come top in UK food fight

Never mind Bake Off, it’s the humble pudding from Yorkshire that was found to be filling the nation’s stomachs, after coming top in a study to find the nation’s favourite regional dish.

The Yorkshire puds beat off stiff competition from the cream tea (Cornwall/ Devon), Cornish pasty (Cornwall), tikka masala (Glasgow), and the Bakewell tart (Bakewell, Yorkshire), which filled the rest of the top five places respectively.

At the other end of the table, Cornwall’s fishy dish, stargazy pie, was the UK’s least favourite alongside the Bedfordshire clanger, Banbury cake, black peas (Lancashire) and scallop butty (North of England).

London’s jellied eels didn’t fare too well either, along with other seafood dishes including cullen skink (Scotland) and potted shrimps (Lancashire), which were also among the most disliked.

Carried out by Privilege Home Insurance, the poll found that despite loving their piece of Yorkshire, only half who put it as their favourite dish actually know how to make a Yorkshire pud.

In fact the ingredients of several regional dishes were a mystery to many, with a third (30 per cent) not knowing cream tea includes scones, four in ten oblivious to the fact that banoffee pie contains bananas, and astonishingly, over half admitting they didn’t know Cumberland sausages contained…well, sausage.

In the game of scones, which pitted the Cornwall way of eating cream tea (jam then cream) against the Devonshire method (cream then jam), Cornwall came out on top, taking 45 per cent of the vote, compared to Devon’s 15 per cent, settling the century old debate of which filling comes first.

The war of the desserts was won by the traditional Bakewell tart, which stuck it to the sticky toffee pudding, which came in second, followed by Eton mess.

Carried out amongst 2,000 UK adults, the study also found that tikka masala was more popular 463 miles away in Brighton, than in its home town of Glasgow.

And despite the huge rise of veganism in the UK, vegan substitutes for traditional British dishes are being given the ‘chop’ by many British diners.

Over half (55 per cent) refuse to even try vegan or vegetarian remakes of favourites like Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, Eton mess and sticky toffee pudding, which suggest the plant-based alternatives, really ‘get their goat’.

Londoners particularly were the most ‘chicken’, refusing to go ‘cold turkey’ on their meat intake, with over two thirds (67 per cent) saying they wouldn’t be prepared to try a vegan or vegetarian twist on traditional favourites.

The research found that men were the most open when it came to trying vegan versions, with almost half saying they would give things a try, compared to four in ten women.
Christian Mendes, Head of Privilege Home Insurance, said: “It’s really surprising to see that even though there’s been a rise in the popularity of veganism, so few people are willing or open minded enough to try vegan alternatives.

“Personally, I’ve always preferred jam then cream on my scones! I’m not surprised that the mighty Yorkshire pudding came out on top, it is a fantastic British dish, but I am sad to see that so few of us know how to make it.

“As a British brand we embrace our heritage, and with that, its hundreds of years of evolution and diversity that makes each region so unique. It’s great to see how popular these regional dishes remain – even if we don’t know what’s in them!”

Top 15 Regional Dishes:
1. Yorkshire pudding (Yorkshire)
2. Cream tea (Cornwall/Devon)
3. Cornish pasty (Cornwall)
4. Tikka masala (Glasgow)
5. Bakewell tart (Bakewell, Yorkshire)
6. Sticky toffee pudding (Lake District)
7. Eton mess (Eton)
8. Balti (Birmingham)
9. Haggis (Scotland)
10. Porkpie (Leicestershire)
11. Cumberland sausage (Cumbria)
12. Lancashire hot pot (Lancashire)
13. Banoffee pie (East Sussex)
14. Soda bread (Ireland)
15. Welsh cakes (Wales)

Top 15 Most Disliked Regional Dishes:
1= Bedfordshire clanger (Bedfordshire) & Stargazy Pie (Cornwall)
3 Banbury cake (Banbury)
4 Black peas (Lancashire)
5 Scallop butty (North of England)
6 Saveloy dip (Newcastle)
7= Kendall mint cakes (Lake District) & Laverbread (Wales)
9 Potted shrimps (Lancashire)
10 Parmo (North East England)
11=Jellied eels (London) & Pease Pudding (Northumberland)
13 Cullen skink (Scotland)
14 Scouse (Liverpool)
15 Panackelty (North East England)