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Boosting productivity and morale

Overall the average worker in the UK loses 9.1 days a year due to illness. If this can be cut down it will vastly improve productivity and in turn increase the companies profitability. On top of that your employees will appreciate all their devices being intensively cleansed.

Taking care of computer assets can dramatically reduced downtime and overall improve staff moral. Constant decontamination and cleaning of your computer equipment can help prevent the inconveniences of downtime to your staff. We know the high cost to your company caused by missing out on potential business leads due to technical issues, never mind having to replace the damaged computer items. We provide highly trained specialist cleaners that can clean your IT equipment thoroughly and allow it to operate at its full potential.

At Solutions 4 Cleaning besides having professional office cleaners we also employ fully trained specialists who are experts at cleaning IT hardware and equipment. We implement the latest cleaning procedures to allow business operations to  carry on as usual while cleaning.  We can also carry out  our cleaning service outside of normal office hours if that is preferred.

Your IT hardware and equipment can be affected by certain bacteria, dusts and greases that occur in the office environment. This can lead to deterioration of the items resulting in system crashes, poor performances and having to replace the systems.

We can offer a periodic anti-static protection cleaning solution that will dramatically reduce the amount of system downtime. This means your company can be protected against important data lose and hardware failure.

Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning

The devices that come under most attack from biological contamination are the mouse and keyboard devices in a company, due to constant human contact.

Extensively cleaning of these devices helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs to your staff, therefore decreasing the risk of staff becoming ill.

In addition to staff becoming ill build up of food and dust particles can cause these items to fail.

At S4C we provide a comprehensive clean of keyboards and mice removing any bacteria and debris. We continue the clean by applying a bacterial cleansing solution to sterilise, then finish it with an application of anti-static treatment.

We only use cleaning products and chemicals that have been created for the sole purpose of cleaning IT devices. They contain no water, nitrates or ammonia; as these elements can cause damage to the devices.  Our anti-static protection prevents dirt and other particles building up between our visits.

Telephone Cleaning

Telephone devices are also devices that if not cleaned and maintained regularly can cause the spread of bacteria and germs, resulting in loss of staff productivity.

Our cleaning products again are specialised for this type of equipment. The products sterilise the telephone equipment, leaving the items with a pleasant and fresh scent as well as been hygienically clean.

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