How to clean hands correctly

Last week on the 15th of October it was Global Hand Washing Day. First established in 2001, the day was created to educate and promote the importance of cleaning hands and how to clean hands correctly, not just children and families but to everyone. Each year on the 15th over 200 million people in over 100 countries are involved in this cause.


Although this campaign was firstly created to raise awareness in developing countries, it has spread to other nations as all countries can help stop the spread of illnesses by cleaning their hands effectively with soap.


Turning hand washing with soap before eating and after using the the toilet into an ingrained habit can save more lives than a single vaccination or medical intervention. Illnesses such as diarrhoea or respiratory infections can be drastically cut with preventive measures. In a business, having less sick workers means that there are less hours of business lost. It also means that staff are working at their optimum level. It is estimated that the average worker takes off 10 days due to illness, imagine if you could half that?


Here at Solutions 4 Cleaning we know the importance of clean hands in not just an business, but also in a societal sense. Below is a info graphic on how to was your hands thoroughly to help stop germs spreading around your office and household. The process only takes 40-60 seconds and could really help fight against common ailments.

Clean Hands Correctly graphic

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