Back to school for the kids, but what have we learnt?

Back to school

After a long summer break, everyone is nicely settled back to school to start learning again. But learning does not stop after leaving the classroom. Learning continues throughout our lives, whether that is personal or business development. Even here at Solutions 4 Cleaning we continue to learn by making sure we listen to feedback, refresher courses or branching out into new areas of communication due to technological advancements.

Here at Solutions 4 Cleaning we are confidently adapting in the way we communicate and encourage feedback from customers to ensure we are maintaining the level of service we strive for. In today’s world of business, there is a demand for information to be delivered in multiple ways, and in a speedy fashion due to the technological advances in social media. Social media allows the ability to showcase the people that work behind the company.

The biggest advantage to the advances allows us to be connected with our clients at all hours of the day, to share useful information on a range of relevant topics, and build loyalty and trust with old and new customers. Our team of management and staff constantly strive to maintain unmatched customer service to our clients. We understand that every client is different and therefore have different needs, because of this we tailor not only our cleaning service but also the way we communicate with them. Because of the variety of avenues for communication, it’s important that we understand what is favourable to our customers, whether that is a letter, email, phone call or even through social media.

At S4C we also make sure our staff are learning and evolving. All of our staff have frequent refresher courses to allow them to have all the best techniques and knowledge to complete the job in hand to the highest possible standard. We also constantly monitor and assess our sites to allow us to develop our cleaning patterns to improve our service to our clients, therefore exceeded client’s expectations. It also allows us to relay feedback to everyone involved at Solutions. We are all still learning at solutions even if we left school a while back.

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