5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Clutter Free

Keeping your Office Clean
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Keeping your business environment clean and neat is beneficial to both your employees and customers.

Cleaning your office might not be your highest priority, but these top tips are effortless and can be easy to adapt into your office routine. They will make a big difference to your workplace environment and your quality of work

1. De-clutter

First things first, try to de-clutter. It might be hard to say goodbye to all of the promotional freebies and collectibles you’ve acquired over time, however, try and minimise it to things that are important like certificates, prizes or things that mean something to you.

The same relates to all those piles of paper laying around the office. Make sure you are not printing or keeping what’s not important and try to recycle the paper when possible.

De-cluttering your office space will allow you to breathe easier as you won’t be constantly bombarded by piles of papers and there will be fewer items and surfaces to gather dust.

2. Organise

However, if you are determined that you need to keep everything you have in your office, clever storage solutions can be handy. Create a filling system for important documents and get a dedicated cabinet or drawer to keep all your paper work in. You could also consider installing some shelves or cupboards where documents and other items can be put away and protected from dust.

3. Dust & Spray

Keeping keyboards, phones, other work electronics and surfaces clean and dust free is very important in maintaining a spotless and healthy office. People rarely have time or are willing to get a cloth and dust, but providing your staff with disinfectant wipes can encourage them to wipe down their desks. Disinfectant wipes are an easy way to sanitise and clean a work-space and doesn’t require much effort and can help to prevent the spread of illness.

4. No eating at the desk

Eating at the desk is probably one of the most common things in the office environment, however, crumbs, wrappers and bits of food on your desk are not only unsightly, but unhygienic as well. We understand that sometimes it is not convenient to eat away from your desk, or there are no facilities to eat elsewhere. Nonetheless, if possible try and encourage your staff to eat away from the desk or tidy up right away. This will help keep the work environment clean and will encourage people to have a break away from their desk and have more energy afterwards.

5. Hire a cleaning company

We might be bias, but there are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company (we even wrote a blog about this, read it here). It will save you time and allow you to focus on your business. A professional cleaning team will oversee all cleaning duties, to keep your office clean, dust and germ free, and an overall pleasant environment to work at and greet your customers.

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