14 Words you’ll only understand if you’re from South Yorkshire

A series of three images that are words that are only South Yorkshire

It’s pure poetic beauty!

We love South Yorkshire, so we’ve compiled a list of 14 words that only us folk will understand! If you’ve lived here all your life, or you’ve recently moved to the area, you’ll almost certainly recognise many of these words. Whether it’s what you call the small passageway between houses, or different ways to greet your friends and how you deal with the Yorkshire weather, you know you’re in South Yorkshire when you hear these words! How many of these do you use?


Translation: “Breadroll, Barmcake, Bap, Bun… Definitely not a cob!”
The constant debate among friends… in South Yorkshire you’ll find it’s a breadcake.

2. “EY UP”
Translation: “Hello”
You’ll hear this everywhere in South Yorkshire.

Translation: “Hello”
The start of most conversations in South Yorkshire.

4. “HOW DO”
Translation: “Hello”
For the rest of the world this is the start of a question… in South Yorkshire it’s a way to say “hello”.

5. “GE’ORE”
Translation: “Please stop doing that!”
Annoying a friend? You’ll probably hear this in return in South Yorkshire.

6. “NESH”

Translation: “You’re a wimp because you can’t cope with northern temperatures”
The worst possible thing to be called if you live in South Yorkshire. Shorts weather is anything above freezing, and if you can’t handle it you’re in trouble!

Translation: “That is really good”
Pronounced as ‘eight’, you’ll be hearing this if you have some good news!

8. “LUG ‘OLE”
Translation: “Your ear”
Being naughty? You’ll be getting a clip around your lug ‘ole!

9. “LOVE”
Translation: “Mate”
You know you’re doing well when somebody calls you “love” in South Yorkshire.

10. “TWERK”
Translation: “Where people in South Yorkshire go Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm.”
Nope, this isn’t the dance craze made famous by Miley Cyrus, in South Yorkshire it’s where we go most days.

11. “MARDY”
Translation: “Being in a bad mood”
Feeling in a bad mood and don’t want to talk to anyone? You’re just being mardy!

12. “GENNEL”
Translation: “A narrow passageway”
You know that shortcut you take in between two houses? That’s called a Gennel in South Yorkshire!

13. “NOWT”
Translation: “Nothing”
Not to be mistaken with something you write on.

14. “OWT”
Translation: “Anything”
Not to be mistaken with something you can have for breakfast.